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Automist vs. fire sprinklers

How does Automist compare to other fire suppression systems?

Many of us are familiar with how a traditional fire sprinkler looks and works. While sprinklers are effective, particularly on large, fast-growing fires, they are less effective at tackling slow-growing, smouldering fires, which can still quickly produce lethal volumes of toxic smoke.

Sprinklers can also be costly and impractical to install, particularly in existing buildings, and are unpopular in homes, with worries about leaks and water damage. There’s also the hassle and cost associated with finding a suitable space for a large tank or upgrading the water supply, making them impractical where there are issues with the water supply. Automist is a watermist suppression system that overcomes these problems.

 Product Type Automist Traditional Sprinklers Traditional Watermist
 Nozzles Wall-mounted Ceiling Mounted
Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle
 Installers Feefo rated installations It's the wild west out there! Some good, some bad, and everything in between Cactus
 Typical space required* Small-sized pump
Medium-sized pump and often a large tank
Medium-sized pump
 Product value* Winner of 10 industry awards Award
Cash Half Cash
Cash Cash
 Water supply cost*
 (Often not included in   quote)
None Pump and tank, or priority value
Priority valve
 Activation Reliable electronic trigger
Frangible bulb
Frangible bulb
 Speed Operates earlier
Medium sized fire
Requires considerable heat to activate
Large sized fire
Requires considerable heat to activate
Large sized fire
 Water discharged
 (in ten minutes)
0.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub
3.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub
0.7 bathtubs
2/3rds of a bathtub
 Check the small print No nasties
Accept no liability for false activation
and resulting water damage

Approximate costs are for a three-storey house with an available flow of 12lpm at peak demand*

A modern solution to an
age old problem

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smartscan hydra

Why Automist Smartscan?

Designed for life safety

Automist has been designed to detect fire earlier and activate faster - up to 2 minutes before a traditional sprinkler for some fires - minimising the build-up of toxic smoke and tackling fires before they can grow.

Low water use

Using 90% less water than a traditional sprinkler, Auotmist connects to the normal domestic water supply. There’s no need for a tank, extensive pipework or a costly upgrade to the water supply.

Reduced water damage

As Automist uses much less water than traditional sprinklers - 6 litres per minute rather than 60 lpm - post activation water damage is significantly reduced. The system is also dry until activated, minimising the risk of leaks.

Quick and easy to install

Automist’s pump and control unit are small enough to fit into most cupboards or kitchen units and the use of flexible hoses makes installation quick and easy, with minimal disruption to occupants and the fabric of the building.

Multi-domestic approach

Each system can be self-contained in a flat or a floor, instead of a centralised residential system with an independent tank/pump room. Individual dwellings can be retrofitted on a need or availability basis without causing disruption to all occupants.