Intelligent fire suppression

Suitable for use as an alternative to traditional fire sprinklers in many domestic and residential settings, Automist is trusted to protect more than 10,000 properties; from private homes where it enables open plan layouts and loft conversions, to large sheltered housing schemes where it protects residents who are greater risk from fire.

Automist has been independently tested to show it provides BS 8458 fire performance, using a tenth of the water used by a traditional sprinkler. Automist does not require a tank and connects to the normal domestic water supply for ease of installation and reduced water damage post-activation.

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How Automist works

Automist is an intelligent fire suppression system widely used both as a fire safety add-on and as a trade-off, and is incorporated into the fire strategy of developments large and small.



In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling mounted detector.



Automist’s sprayheads will scan the room to look for temperature changes indicating a fire.



If a fire is detected, the sprayhead best positioned to tackle it targets it with watermist.



Watermist removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire zone, resulting in fire control.

Why choose Automist

peace of mind

Peace of mind

Automist has been designed to detect fire earlier and activate faster, providing better protection for people and property.

Enjoy open plan living

Get light airy living spaces that meet building regulations. Automist can help streamline the approval process.

Easy to install

Connecting to the normal domestic water main and using flexible hose, Automist can be installed with minimal disruption.

Minimised water damage

Automist uses 90% less water than a traditional sprinkler, significantly reducing post-activation water damage.

Expert installation

Our network of authorised installers can advise on suitability and help you to navigate the building control process.

Projects using Automist

From private homeowners looking for fire suppression to meet building regulations to social housing developments protecting vulnerable individuals. Learn about Automist’s varied life safety applications.

Ultra-fast personal protection system

Early activation PPS

The ultra-fast personal protection system can be installed quickly and easily to provide immediate protection for individuals at greater risk from fire. It has a self-contained water tank and plugs into a normal domestic socket. It will notify you when it has been activated, or if the system loses power.

Extra protection

Early activation personal protection

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