Free Automist technical information pack

Download our Technical Pack which contains information detailing how Automist® uses a high-pressure pump to provide whole-room watermist fire protection. It shows how Automist can be retrofitted without major disruption. Provides links to download information on Automist's LABC Assured (EW171 and EW534). As well as third party reports of the extensive testing conducted by Exova Warrington. Automist Smartscan® has met the fire performance standards outlined in BS 9252 and BS 8458.

The Automist technical Information pack includes:Technical Guide

  • Flyers.pdf

  • Product Handbooks.pdf

  • Independent 3rd party test reports from the Exova Warrington
    UKAS Laboratory.pdf

  • Declaration of testing and conformity.pdf

  • Access to Automist's LABC Assured certification
    (EW171 and EW534).pdf

  • Automist Smartscan's BSi Verification Certificate.pdf

Download Technical Pack