Standards and watermist testing

Standards and Compliance

Automist Smartscan conforms to BS 8458:2015, Residential and domestic water mist systems – Code of practice for design and installation. Its performance has been validated by BSI Verification Certificate, VC 780009.

To learn more about Automist's conformity to BS8458 view page 14 of our Design Installation and Operation Manual, download our Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity (MDOC), and review page 2 of our BSI verification certificate:

Automist meets BS8458

What is a Verification Certificate?

As per the BSi website:

At BSI we are asked to certify many fantastic innovations that meet a specific objective (e.g. a new technology for extinguishing a fire). However, because it’s new and innovative, there often isn’t a suitable standard to certify the product against.

Fear not, there are a few ways to solve this problem, especially if you think outside of the ‘standard’ box...

An independent overview of the product and/or process by industry experts can often give you a beneficial advantage in the market place. Verification considers both the type testing to a standard (or equivalent), and a review of the technical file. If this is successfully approved, the certificate is issued, without the need for ongoing surveillance or assessment visits to be carried out as part of the verification process.

Several alternative guidance documents support the use of Automatic water fire suppression systems (AWFSS) to meet building regulations:

  • BS 9991:2015 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings. Code of practice

  • BS 7974:2019 Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildings. Code of practice


Fire engineering research shows in three-storey open-plan dwelling houses: 

"the system can typically perform equivalent to or better than the minimum expectations of a domestic sprinkler system conforming to BS 9251:2021"

Learn more about standards compliance, component testing and approval in our FAQ resource.