Small print

Not all fire sprinkler quotations are created equal

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Check the small print

Many watermist and fire sprinkler quotes make the client responsible for considerable elements of the installation (if required):

  • Water supply to the system: to be supplied and installed by other contractors
  • Cost to supply a priority demand valve
  • Aligning the sprinkler nozzles with lighting fixtures or HVAC
  • Abortive visits or callouts
  • Making good of finishes/decoration
  • Taking down ceilings
  • Bringing out hoses
  • Water authority permission when a direct connection
  • Electrical supply to the system
  • Alarm connection to the system
  • Provision of safety lighting during installation
  • Drilling a 54mm hole through plasterboard at the dry-line stage
  • Suitable shelf/cupboard for unit placement
  • Suitable welfare facilities during installation
  • Building works
  • Core drilling
  • Sprinkler nozzle placement at ceiling closure stage


Most manufacturers take no liability for false activations

False activation fire sprinkler clause

Automist is different! We have been able to drive down the likelihood of accidental water damage from our systems to such an extent that insurers consider such losses minor in actual terms and relative to traditional sprinkler systems.