Retrofitting an alternative to a residential sprinkler

Billy Goldfeder had a fire sprinkler installed in his home without tanks or tap fees


Throughout his career as a Fire Chief Officer, Billy Goldfeder, has pushed for residential fire sprinklers. He got tired of being embarrassed when people would ask if his home was sprinklered after he urged them to get theirs built sprinkled. When he built his home in 1995, the builders made it real clear that they had no experience with that and wouldn’t consider offering it. So, he blew the idea off. And now, 22 years later, he is finally taking care of it with Automist. He will be back at the “authority” working to change their level of knowledge with whatever help he can get. No one knows the nightmare that fire causes more than firefighters. When we are out there pushing local communities to have residential sprinklers as a requirement, one of the best places for us to start as an example would be our own homes.

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