Smarter fire protection for student accommodation

Automist is a cost effective, modern alternative to fire sprinklers

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Designed to protect both lives and property, Automist is an intelligent automatic fire suppression system that can operate faster than a traditional sprinkler, using 90% less water, significantly reducing damage and increasing survivability.

Every year, around 350 18-24 year olds are injured in accidental house fires started by cigarettes, smoking materials and candles. More than half of all accidental fire deaths amongst this age group occur in the kitchen when cooking, handling hot substances or through misuse of electrical equipment.

Automist can be easily retrofitted to provide better fire protection in individual student dwellings or areas such as communal kitchens where the fire risk is greater, or can be used to protect escape routes.

How Automist Works

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Why Automist is ideal to protect student accommodation from fire

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Smarter detection means Automist can identify the exact location of a fire using infrared heat sensors built into its sprayheads and target it efficiently with a dense fog of watermist right into the base of the fire.

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Every second counts in a fire and testing has shown that Automist can operate up to two minutes before a traditional fire sprinkler activates

With a robust double knock trigger, combining heat/smoke detection and infrared heat sensors built into Automist’s sprayheads, there’s no glass bulb that can be accidentally (or maliciously) broken activating the system

Unlike a sprinkler, no expensive tank or water mains upgrade is needed as Automist works using a pump connected to the normal water supply, making this potentially a more cost-effective solution

Automist’s wall mounted sprayheads are connected using flexible hoses minimising disruption to the fabric of the building and as Automist requires minimal space, it’s the perfect option for retrofitting into student accommodation

As watermist uses smaller droplets to suppress fire, Automist discharges ten times less water than a traditional sprinkler, reducing water damage and the scale and cost of any remedial work required

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Case Study: Automist installed in Sheffield student flats

Read why Automist was recommended by fire officers and retrofitted in 40 student studio flats, to protect against fire whilst avoiding the potential repair costs from an accidental sprinkler activation.

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Learn more about how the innovative sprinkler alternative uses a fine water mist to suppress fires.


Guidance on how to interpret the data from the fire testing and use Automist to meet fire regulations.

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