How much does Automist home fire sprinkler cost?

It isn't easy to accurately quote for a residential sprinkler system. The only reliable way is to send a floor plan to your chosen installer, and they can produce an accurate estimate. Verification may even require a site visit.

In a small home after a loft conversion which only requires a partial sprinkler system to cover a small open plan area (25 sqm), the cost of a traditional sprinkler system including a pump and tank costs approximately £3,500, whereas the complete Automist system costs less at approximately £2,750.

*Prices are guidelines per home (retrofit) and depend on the specific products used, economies of scale, and project complexity.

Things to be aware of when not buying Automist and opting for traditional sprinklers or watermist systems

Ensure that your quote covers all the costs required to complete your installation. Often, providing an adequate water main is your responsibility unless otherwise quoted. There can be expensive additional costs when installing sprinkler systems if your home can not provide the flow required to run your system.

In many cases, it will be your responsibility to consult with the Local Water Authority and establish whether your system can be installed directly. A typical traditional sprinkler system requires a minimum of 100 lpm at 2 bar working pressure. If your mains water is insufficient, you would have two options: upgrade via contacting your Local Water Authority or installing a tank and pump.

Typical home water availability

Automist water consumption

Fire sprinkler water consumption

10 - 25 litres per minute

6 litres per minute

60 litres per minute

1.5 - 4 bar

1 bar

2 bar





Questions to ask:

  • Has the water supply been designed to cater for a sprinkler system at the planning stage?
  • Who fits the bill if there is a false activation? What's the likely damage?
  • Can the system be connected to the mains water supply? Will the system require a storage tank or priority valve?
  • Is the price for 'making good' included in the quote?
  • Is there space in the loft for a large quantity of water and a pump?
  • If not, can the tank be located on the ground floor, basement or garage?
  • Are the ceiling voids accessible?
  • What are the costs to provide adequate power for your system?

Why are people choosing Automist?

Automist was designed for retrofit and is often more cost-effective than traditional sprinklers. It does not require a tank and, in the vast majority of installations, does not require an upgrade to the water main. Its pump draws only 5.6 litres per minute flow (standard domestic supply). Easy installation is also partly due to the use of flexible high-pressure hoses that does not need to go through the ceiling because of the position of the spray heads. 


A partial system (where coverage is not required in every room) can sometimes satisfy your Building Control Officer (BCO), and they can drastically affect your quote price. It is often the only requirement for a three-storey loft conversion. Check out some of the many examples where homeowners decided to go with Automist. If your Installation is price sensitive, make sure you get quotes from numerous installers.

  Looking for a quotation, don't hesitate to get in touch with your nearest Authorised Installer