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What information is in Automist's DIOM (Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual)?

Watermist systems share many similarities with traditional fire sprinklers. However, as they are application and manufacturer-specific, they have some distinct differences. Each hazard or occupancy requires its own individual design, which is detailed in the manufacturer’s DIOM (Design Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual). It is not possible to design a mist system simply by following one of the various Standards. This would be possible with traditional sprinkler systems, where you could follow BS EN 12845 or BS 9251 for example. With watermist, each manufacturer may vary the characteristics of the nozzle, appearance, spacing, orientation, activation methodology and even location. In this way, the DIOM is the 'application and manufacturer’s specific design standard', whilst the standard per se, lists the minimum performance requirements across applications: 

Download: Automist Smartscan Hydra Design, Installation and Operation Manual (DIOM).pdf 

We have created a summary page on the following key topics: 

All of which are covered in more detail in the DIOM.