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What type of detectors can be used with Automist?

Detection components can be:

  • Wired, or
  • Wireless 

Important! The Automist controller monitors the status of any wired detectors for open circuit, short circuit, dirty sensor, and if the detector is removed from the base. Where wireless detectors are fitted, the system monitors for low battery, communication failure, dirty sensor, and if the detector is removed from the base. Once in fault mode, the unit will sound. The fault condition can be hushed for 12 hours by pressing the STOP button but only be permanently removed by addressing the fault. 

Wired detector

A 24-volt wired detector should be installed in a fire-protected cable where the cable is not protected by a fire-rated barrier between the detector and the spray head. The following wired detector is compatible with the Automist system:


Plumis' Custom Wireless detector

The Plumis Hydra Wireless Detector DT01 is a customised version of the Apollo multicriteria smoke + heat alarms 51000-150 / 51000-357 designed to EN 14604:2005 and UL217, respectively. The Plumis DT01 includes a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless communication to the sprayheads to indicate a potential fire. Combining a smoke alarm with a temperature sensor improves response times for both flaming and smouldering fires and reduces false alarms from certain nuisances such as cooking fumes. It is CE Marked to the harmonised European standards that apply to this alarm. 

Installation guide: Apollo 51000-355 / 51000-357 Wireless Smoke Heat Alarm

Wireless combination detector used with Automist

Key Features:

  1. Multi-criteria optical smoke and heat fire detector
  2. Detector fault detection, tamper detection, dirty detector, freeze warning, battery low warning
  3. Wireless alarm and status connection to Plumis Hydra Spray Heads
  4. Built-in 85 decibel sounder
  5. Hush/test button
  6. Requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
  7. 2.4GHz band operation frequency, Plumis proprietary encrypted comms, uniquely coded to Hydra controller during system commissioning
  8. Compliant with EU Radio Equipment Directive (EN ETSI 300 328, EN ETSI 301 489-17, EN50131-4)
  9. Designed to EN 14604:2005 and UL 217 standards
  10. Operating temperature 4C to 38C
  11. Relative humidity maximum of 90%
  12. Dimensions: 125mm diameter, 63mm height


  1. Apollo 65 Series A1R (Only Heat)
  2. Nittan EVC-DP Dual Optical Detector

For more details, please review our DIOM.


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