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What questions should you ask when comparing fire sprinkler / watermist suppression quotes?

When it comes to active fire suppression, the cheapest isn't typically the best. Contractors are known for quoting a low initial price and adding further fees once you have committed to the job. Ensure that your quote covers all the costs required to complete your installation. Often, providing an adequate water main is your responsibility. If your home can not provide the flow required to run your system, you may need to upgrade your water supply or install a priority valve, tank, and pump. There can also be expensive additional costs when installing ceiling-mounted systems, such as bringing down ceilings, pulling up floorboards or 'making good'. Ask the following questions:



  • What elements of the installation are included in the quote? And which parts are not?
    • How much is the water supply cost (if required)?
    • How much is bringing down ceilings (if required)?
    • How much is pulling up the floor (if required)?
    • How much is fire stopping (if required)?
    • How much is core drilling (if required)?
    • How much is making good (if required)?
    • How much is removing asbestos (if required)?
    • How much will all the additional products required to meet regulations cost (if required)?
      • Fire doors? Escape Window? LD1 alarm?
    • How much will 'making 'good' cost after the installation?
  • How much does it cost to align the sprinkler nozzles with light fittings?
  • Under what circumstances do you charge abortive fees?


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