Protecting Goodridge Freedom House

Using performance based design to meet building code


Protecting heritage with sprinkler alternative
Historical building protected by Automist

The Goodridge House is an existing IIIB building with mixed Use Group A-3/B. The main floor serves as a museum displaying period specific items that belonged to the house, with office space above. Automist Smartscan met two performance-based objectives: minimizing water damage and limiting temperature. Automist was selected due to its fast response time and the efficiency with which mist is applied to a fire.  The use of heat detection and IR sensing identifies the location of a fire more precisely than other suppression systems.  Mist is then delivered directly to the fire much earlier which limits temperatures from reaching critical points and eliminates the need for excess water.

Carol Kauffman, Community Development & Housing of Crispus Attucks said "This revolutionary new system can detect fires, locate them, and put them out preventing the destruction that can be caused by fire and water in our historic property. We are proud to be the first in the U.S. to install the Automist System and comforted to know that our visitors’ safety is assured and the Goodridge Freedom Center is protected from fire-related damage."

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