Protecting vulnerable individuals with watermist AFSS

Residents were actively included during retrofit program in Lambeth


Sheltered housing kitchen retrofit watermist sprinkler
Sheltered housing Automist fire sprinkler installation
Fire sprinkler discreet enclosure in cupboard
Discreet sidewall watermist modular sprinkler

In February 2020, Automist Smartscan was selected as Lambeth council’s preferred product to retrofit an active fire suppression system (AFSS) across 11 sheltered housing schemes. Installation took approximately 2 days per dwelling because the system uses the existing water main, as opposed to requiring a tank like traditional systems. Its sidewall mounting meant asbestos in the ceiling could also be avoided and there was no need for costly and disruptive communal works in apartment blocks. Residents were actively included during the project, because their feedback and buy in is vital in ensuring the smooth running of the project.

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