A modern fire sprinkler alternative for sheltered housing

Automist offers improved fire protection for vulnerable residents living in extra care settings, sheltered housing and assisted living schemes


Automist was recently installed by Housing 21 in several extra care provision apartments

Evidence has shown that the elderly, vulnerable and those unable to escape easily from a fire, are most at risk of injury or death from accidental house fires. The combination of frailty caused by age, and mental and physical disability lead to a slower response time to fire and challenges leaving a property.

With an ageing population and increasing prevalence of dementia, social landlords and care providers need to find new ways to protect vulnerable residents and to future proof their homes, so they are safe, irrespective of the risk profile of the resident. 

Automist has been developed specifically to offer enhanced fire protection for those at greater risk from death or injury in accidental fires. 

sheltered accommodationAutomist was recently installed by Housing 21 in several extra care provision apartments



Improved protection for sheltered and supported housing residents

For this population it is unrealistic to expect that the installation of a traditional fire alarm system is enough to save lives, which is why a growing number of sheltered and supported housing providers are choosing Automist.

Developed specifically to improve protection for those most at risk from fire, Automist raises the alarm and activates at the earliest opportunity - up to two minutes earlier than a traditional sprinkler system for some fires - and helps to maintain survivable conditions (tenability) in the room of fire origin, giving occupants valuable extra time to escape or be rescued. 

How Automist Works

Low disruption installation 

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Automist has been developed specifically to improve protection for vulnerable residents who may not react appropriately or be able to easily escape from a fire

Automist can be installed or retrofitted with minimal disruption to residents and the fabric of the building, as sprayheads are wall mounted and connected using flexible hoses

Automist’s modular nature means it can be fitted on a flat-by-flat basis to prioritise installation and protect the most vulnerable or highest risk residents first

Connecting to the normal domestic water supply, there’s no need for a tank or water main upgrade – so it's cost-effective to retrofit and practical where water supply or pressue is an issue 

Automist offers industry standard performance, using 90% less water, minimising consequential water damage, and the scale and cost of remedial work, if the system is activated. Learn more about lifetime value.

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Is Automist right for our residents? 

If you’d like further advice on how Automist can be used in sheltered housing and assisted living schemes to help protect residents, we’re here to answer your questions. For additional information and pricing please get in touch.

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Case Study: Automist retrofitted in Lambeth sheltered housing

Read more about why Automist is being used to improve fire protection in sheltered accommodation, providing a modern alternative to residential fire sprinklers that enhances resident safety.

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Learn more about how the innovative sprinkler alternative detects fires early, improving resident protection.


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