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6.10 Nozzle coverage and location

BS 8458 states:

'Watermist nozzles should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the recommendations of this British Standard.'

Further details about our nozzle placement rules can be found in our DIOM. The spray head is engraved with KEEP CLEAR and DO NOT COVER. Authorised installers are also trained to instruct the occupant on how the system works and give simple guidelines of use. Plumis also leave a tag on the spray head upon completion of installation and encourage the user to visit our website so they can learn more about its operation and register online. The Automist Smartscan Hydra head must be located where the spray pattern will not be obstructed, and 1500mm horizontal clearance provided 180 degrees around the spray head.


The kitchen is the one room in a standard dwelling with a fixed layout/furniture. The standard spray head height is placed at a lower height in this room for better targeting of the significant fire risks under countertop; white goods and the hob/cooker in a room assuming a standard worktops height of 90cm high.  In kitchens designed for wheelchair users, white goods and ovens, the main fire risks, do not have their heights altered, and therefore, these rules also apply to these types of kitchens.

Everywhere else

The spray head must be installed at a height of 1200 - 1450mm from the finished floor level in non-kitchen area.

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