Elective Fire Safety Upgrade

Elective Fire Safety Upgrade

Automist is often used, in a comparable way to a fire blanket, as an elective fire safety upgrade. This is when the suppression system is being used to improve the levels of fire safety in the accommodation and is not a requirement for Building Regulations or the general minimum statutory life safety standards. Given this designation, the design, performance, and implementation of Automist is completely at the client's discretion and are not governed by statutory prescriptive requirements. Further to this the performance and/or operation of the suppression systems are not relied upon for adequate minimum standards of safety within the accommodation.

The 7 layers of fire safety in buildings

In this type of installation, the implementation of the system can be customised to meet the risk as there is no prescriptive requirement. For example, you may only opt for suppression coverage in the kitchen, living space and bedrooms, where statistics show that most fires in residential settings occur.

The implementation of Automist offers significant improvements to the levels of fire safety in the accommodation. The combination of the earlier warning and the suppression reduces the risks to life in the event of a fire occurring.  They also assist with minimising potential damage and disruption caused by fire such that remedial works and downtime to the accommodation should also be reduced.

Lambeth Council Case Study