fire extinguisher

Automist vs. fire sprinklers

How does Automist compare to a fire sprinkler?

 Product Type Automist Traditional Sprinklers
 Nozzles Wall mounted Ceiling Mounted
Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle
 Typical space required*
Small-sized pump
Medium-sized pump and often a large tank
 Water supply cost*
 (Often not included in quote)
None Pump and tank, or priority value
Reliable electronic trigger
Frangible bulb
 Speed Operates earlier
Medium sized fire
Needs significant heat to activate
Large sized fire
 Water discharged
 (in ten minutes)
0.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub
3.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub

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