Automist fire sprinkler alternative ideal for modular build

Modular watermist system enables more offsite prefabrication


Automist is ideal for offsite prefabrication
Small discreet pump ideal for modular build
Prefabrication faster construction, lower costs with Automist
Prefabrication fire sprinkler for efficient production

Mistek were instructed to supply and install Automist to modular buildings for social housing. Automist was selected as the first fix can be easily installed within the factory construction process. Automist's unique design enabled more off-site prefabrication than was possible with traditional sprinklers, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. The unique attributes of the system are valued by social landlords and help the builder to differentiate from their competition. Mistek provided a full specification to the architectural designers for the project to seamlessly integrate to ensure full protection of the units. The Modular units are delivered throughout the UK for social & private use.

Automist vs Sprinklers