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DECEMBER 16th, 2021

Plumis and Automist approved installer MCFP scooped a top national award in recognition of its fire safety work with Swindon Borough Council and Walls & Futures. In a joint entry the pair took gold in the ‘Active/Passive Fire Project of the Year’ category, at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards, at an in-person ceremony on Wednesday 23 November 2021.

Plumis and MCFP Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2021 Winners


Both the local authority and ethical investor appointed Plumis and MCFP to fit innovative fire suppression watermisting technology earlier this year, as part of safety strategies aiming to increase fire protection for residents posing higher risk from fire-related injury or fatality.

Plumis’ Automist was chosen by both organisations because of its ability to detect fires early and activate quickly, suppressing fires before they can grow – limiting the build-up of heat and toxic smoke. 

Early activation combined with watermist’s unique properties, helps to maintain tenability, allowing more time in the event of a fire for people to escape or be rescued. 

In addition to increasing protection, the system is also easy to retrofit. For both of these installs, Automist was installed whilst other remedial works were being carried out – minimising disruption.

William Makant, co-founder and CEO at Plumis, said: “We’re proud to have been recognised in this year’s Security & Fire Awards and to have scooped gold with MCFP for both projects.

“Automist is reliable and provides rapid, targeted protection to people considered vulnerable, along with peace of mind for those supporting them. Winning this national award is a testament to our commitment to addressing the challenges of keeping people safe from fire in their homes.”

The annual Security & Fire Excellence Awards has recognised for more than two decades the very best people, projects and processes that the sectors have to offer.

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