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We are delighted to have been awarded a Smart Grant of £349,526 from Innovate UK to further enhance the functionality of Automist. We will be funding 30% of this half a million pound R&D project, which will add further value to the Automist® system by making it smarter and even more cost-effective for housing providers.

Commenting on the grant, our CEO, William Makant said: “Our mission is to keep evolving our technology to ensure it meets the ever-changing fire safety needs and offers innovation to the housing sector when facing other technological challenges.”

By combining its advanced engineering technology with Internet of Things (IoT) and home safety and security applications, Plumis plans on taking its advanced fire suppression systems to the next level.

“In this next phase of research and development, we’ll be utilising our systems temperature sensors to provide environmental monitoring that can link to smart thermostat functionality,” continued William.

“This will support social landlords with reducing their homes’ carbon footprint without an additional capital investment. It will also help landlords to identify potential cases of fuel poverty and provide information on occupancy that can be used by the fire brigade in an emergency situation.

“In addition to this, we are exploring the capability of our sensors being used to support housing providers with keeping vulnerable tenants safe in an independent living environment, by monitoring patterns of potentially dangerous behaviour like leaving the hob switched on after cooking.

“By implementing this feature, our aim is to be able to offer housing providers or carers a better understanding of any potential risk in the home, particularly for those whose vulnerability or health may have changed, enabling them to intervene and mitigate any risks.”