Viable fire sprinkler for retrofit in mixed tenure blocks

Mixed tenure blocks, where there are people renting flats from the social landlord and also ‘leaseholders’, can be particularly challenging to retrofit fire sprinklers. It is the lease that will determine whether the social housing provider (SHP) has a right to access and carry out works inside the flats in order to install sprinklers and whether there is a right to recover costs from leaseholders. In addition, there will need to be leaseholder support for the project.

Notwithstanding the safety benefits of sprinklers, there is often resistance from leaseholders. They may be worried about costs, privacy, on-going maintenance, reliability (not wanting ‘accidental’ triggers), disruption and aesthetics.

Automist Smartscan can be installed cost-effectively on a flat by flat basis, in this way leaseholders can ‘opt-in’ at their discretion. Residents groups are often impressed by the fact it uses less water, causes less damage to the home and is so discreet.


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