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How often are Authorised Installers audited?

All Plumis Authorised Installers are audited at least once a year.

As part of an installer audit, as well as checking the installer's knowledge and the overall quality of installations in relation to our DIOM manual, we also consider things such as; Does the orignal drawing match the as-fitted installation? Has the installer checked and noted any changes in the premises that could cause potential issues? Has the installer checked that the water supply and pressure are still adequate? Has the client been provided with all the necessary documentation and advice on how to use the system? Have any deviations from the DIOM manual been recorded properly?

New installers are audited more regularly and we actively work alongside them to ensure competency.

Designers are audited by comparing as-fitted designs to the original layout designs. Whilst reviewing designs we will consider if equipment is being specified in preferred positions, the reasons behind any deviations and the thought process behind each layout.

Our rigorous audit process, alongside comprehensive training reflects our policy of continual improvement and commitment to providing excellent service through our network of Authorised Installers.