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Do Automist's detectors require battery backup?

Automist's detectors can have battery backup if required. Typically they sit alongside an early warning system with battery backup, or they can be integrated with an early warning system with battery backup.

a) Automist's detectors are added in addition to the early warning system (as default)

In this scenario, Automist's detectors provide point detection only, like a sprinkler bulb, and sit alongside the independent early warning system (as per BS 5839).

Automist's detectors alongside the early warning alarm

b) The early warning system can be used to trigger Automist

In this scenario, Automist is integrated into the early warning system. So the detectors have a dual function: point detection and early warning alarm (as per BS 5839).

Automist integrated into the early warning alarm

An electronically monitored detector can offer better reliability than an unmonitored sprinkler bulb because if any wired or wireless detector connected to Automist Smartscan is removed or faulty, it will cause the system to enter fault mode and sound. This condition can be hushed for 12 hours by pressing the STOP button but can only be permanently removed by addressing the fault.


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Traditional Sprinkler

Traditional sprinkler head


Automist system and detector

Point detection method Glass bulb or fusible link (mechanical thermal) Electronic trigger (smoke detection and thermal sensing)
Failure mode

Painting over glass bulb

Disconnected or faulty detector

Annual maintenance



Real-time fault monitoring



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