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6.11.4 Electrically Operated Devices

The electrical supply to the fire pumps should be installed in such a way as to minimize the risk of electrical supply failure by having a separately fused connection taken after the meter and from the supply side of the domestic or residential fuse box, using fire-resisting cable (see BS 7671). 

In the DIOM, we state this requirement:

The Automist Smartscan Hydra system, fire detection and alarm system may use this circuit, which must remain powered in the event of a fire. Power to Automist Smartscan Hydra must be provided via an unswitched fused connection unit (FCU).

In practice, this translates to one of the following:

  • Option #1 – Installation on an independent separate circuit
Split load board power supply


  • Option #2 - Installation of second pre-pay meter specifically for Automist system and loaded with excess credit beyond the lifetime use estimate (eg. ~£120) and topped up within the maintenance schedule
  • Option #3 – Taken of a spur from the landlord's supply or a supply with backup power (secondary generator) for the building
  • Option #4 – UPS battery backup:

Note, if this is a multiple dwelling project, a central power backup and independent circuit may be more cost-effective when also used for other life safety systems in the building.

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