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Is Automist out of the scope of BS 8458?

No. Previously Plumis believed because electronically controlled nozzles were not explicitly mentioned in BS 8458, Automist was out of the scope of BS 8458:2015. However, we recently learned that BS 8458 is a code of practice. As per Clause  9.4.1 of BS 0:2021, the Standard for Standards, a code of practice ‘contains recommendations and guidance’. This is why its clauses carry the term should instead of shall. BS 0:2021 also states that ‘users may also justify substitution of any of the recommendations in a code of practice with practices of equivalent or better outcome’. To learn more about our product's conformance to BS 8458 and details of any substitution from the code of practice please review page 14 of our Design Installation and Operation Manual (DIOM). Here we evidence and explain the improved performance obtained by substitution.

For full details review our Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity Plumis Hydra BS 8458 2023 MDOC

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