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What are the alternatives to fire sprinklers?

sprinkler design unchanged in over 100 years

Fire sprinklers have remained fundamentally unchanged since they were invented in the 19th Century. They were originally designed for commercial properties and are known for their exposed pipes and high water flow. We developed Automist Smartscan specifically for domestic dwellings. We believed specifiers need more choice given the variety of building types and fire risks. Automist looks great and is cost-effective in homes that do not lend themselves to traditional fire sprinkler systems. It doesn't place as much demand on the water supply and is therefore easier to retrofit.

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 Product Type


Traditional Sprinklers

 Nozzle location

Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle

Ceiling Mounted
Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle

 Water supply cost*
 (Often not included in quote)

no cost
Automist connects to the existing water main

Tank, water main upgrade, or priority water value

 Key installation process

Routing the hose behind the plasterboard wall
Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle

Bringing down the ceiling to route the sprinkler pipe
Automist wall mounted electronic nozzle

 Speed of activation

Operates quicker on slow-growing fires
Medium sized fire

Requires significant heat build-up to activate
Large sized fire

 Fire detection method

Reliable electronic trigger
Automist spraying watermist

Frangible glass bulb
Fire sprinkler flowing

 Water discharged
 (in ten minutes)

0.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub

3.3 bathtubs
1/3rd of a bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub 1 bathtub

N.B. Approximate costs are for a three-storey house with an available flow of 11lpm at peak demand*


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