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Automist Tap Mount for kitchen fire protection

A breakthrough in home safety

This system is no longer available for sale, for servicing existing systems, please contact your local Automist installer.

Winning the James Dyson Award in 2009, Automist Tap Mount was a breakthrough in home fire safety, integrating seamlessly into existing homes to offer reliable protection. Installed almost invisibly under a standard tap, Automist Tap Mount provides cost-effective protection for at-risk rooms such as the kitchen, where most fires start.  



Automist uses 90% less water than a traditional sprinkler and connects to the normal domestic water supply, so it’s easy and cost-effective to install or retrofit, as there’s no need for a tank or costly water supply upgrade. Whilst Automist Fixed Wall Head and Tap Mount are no longer available for new installations, our network of Authorised Installers, will continue to service existing installations.

This simple but clever device should become a permanent safety feature in the home. Smoke alarms are an essential part of modern life but have remained fundamentally unchanged for forty years. Automist not only detects a fire but can put it out as well.

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson British inventor & founder of the Dyson company


Building on a legacy of innovation

We’ve developed Automist significantly since the Tap Mount, to offer even better protection in a wider range of domestic and residential settings. Automist now protects more than 10,000 properties, from individual homes to large sheltered housing schemes.

Automist Smartscan, the latest in the Automist product range, is a contemporary sprinkler-alternative and can be used to meet building regulations; it's often used to enable open plan layouts. Developed to offer improved protection, it is also being used by a growing number of social landlords to protect residents who are at greater risk from fire.

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