Cost effective fire suppression for modular homes

Why modular developers are choosing Automist 


Installing fire protection in homes manufactured using modern modular technologies is easy using Automist, an award-winning watermist suppression system.

For ultimate flexibility, installation can be completed easily on site or integrated into an offsite factory-controlled environment. With appropriate training, more of the installation work can be completed by the developer off site, limiting expenditure on specialist contractors.

How Automist Works


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A contemporary alternative to traditional sprinklers for modular builds

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A growing number of modular builders are opting for Automist over traditional sprinkler systems to improve fire safety and to help modular homes and prefab builds meet building regulations, as the system is ideal to factory install and can be easily ‘hooked up’ and commissioned on site.

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Automist is a dry pipe system using flexible hose, so more work can be completed in the factory. As the pipes are not filled with pressurised water unless the system is activated, leaks are avoided and connection and commissioning on site is quick and easy

Using ten times less water than a traditional sprinkler, Automist connects to the normal water supply, eliminating the need for a tank, pump room and riser shafts commonly required for traditional sprinklers

Drawing just 5.6 litres per minute and 1 bar of pressure when in use, Automist consumes less water than a power shower, removing uncertainty around water supply on site

Automist meets the performance requirements of BS 8458 2015, as validated by the BSI Verification Certificate, VC 712581

Each pump can connect to up to six wall mounted sprayheads with flexible hosing for easy installation

Differentiate your offering and stand out from your competitors with the latest technology in your properties

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Flexible installation options

Factory install

After initial training by Plumis, the modular builder can install all the ‘hidden’ pipework in the factory using material provided by Plumis leaving access points for the work to be commissioned on the build site by an Authorised Automist installer.

Full installation and commissioning on the build site

Automist can also be retrofitted and commissioned by our Authorised Installers on the build site with the modular builder making good to complete the property.




Learn more about how this innovative sprinkler alternative uses fine watermist to suppress fires.


Guidance on how to interpret the data from the fire testing and use Automist to meet fire regulations.


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