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Automist® is an easy to install alternative to home fire sprinkler system

Automist must be installed by one of our Accredited Installer Resellers and can take as little as 2 hours. Automist was designed with retrofit in mind. Easy installation is, in part, due to the use of flexible high pressure hose which do not need to go through the ceiling because of the position of the spray heads.

Download the User Manual in our Technical Information Pack .

Build it Award - Best Technology Product

Installation Procedure

Preparing the site


Sufficient space to install the pump. The pump is 365 mm (height) by 240 mm (depth) by 181 mm (width) and weighs 7.0 kg, and should not be housed in a volume of less than 0.124 m3.

A reliable cold water supply (6 lpm flow and 1 to 10 bar pressure) with a standard BSP 3/4" connection.

Automist should be powered by an unswitched fused connection unit connected to an independent circuit either via a dedicated RCD or no RCD (1.7kW, 230V and 50Hz).

Install the spray head

The Automist emitter can be installed either within a standard 35mm hole (under a tap or on a work surface), or wall mounted in a standard single-gang mounting box (47mm deep, 85mm x 85mm with fixing centres offset centre to centre by 60mm). The nozzles must be installed between 900 -1100 mm from the ground and directed into the protected volume.

Download the Automist Emitter footprint -
A4 Scale footprint.pdf (115 KB)

Connect the water supply

Position the pump as close as possible to the mains water supply pipes. Connect the high pressure hose from the assembled emitter to the outlet on the pump. Connect the 3/4” water supply with an approved isolation valve to the check valve. Finally, connect the check valve outlet to the pump inlet.

Connect the electrics

Connecting the power to the electrics requires a suitably qualified & competent person. Switch off electricity at the mains before working on existing circuits. Connect the wiring between the mains, control unit, pump and alarm detection system.


Commissioning is a procedure which allows Automist to be tested. During commissioning, the pump runs for approximately 20 seconds and the output pressure is monitored. A test shield is provided to direct the resulting spray into an adjacent sink or within a bucket.

System Installed


Upon completion your accredited installer will submit a completed commissioning form to the Approver and Plumis.

Download Automist commissioning form example - form.pdf  (0.31MB)

Once your commissioning form has been logged and verified by Plumis a warranty certificate will be issued.

Download Automist warranty certificate example- certificate.pdf  (0.31MB)

Installation Complete

N.B. A portable version of Automist with an integrated water tank and battery back-up is now available for specific fire risks for more details click here.