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How has Automist's fire performance been tested?

We have undertaken over 100 fire tests to validate Automist's fire performance. This included white goods fires, oil cooking fires, difficult fires under the spray head, and even concealed fires, and was in addition to standardised fire performance testing against BS 8458:



In response to calls for innovation to safeguard the occupant in the room of fire origin, Automist Smartscan is built to maximise tenability (survivability). We achieve this by operating at the earliest possible time to reduce the production of toxic gases. Automist operates faster than a concealed fire sprinkler, according to peer-reviewed fire engineering research.


BS 9252 sprinkler vs Automist Smartscan Hydra for a fridge fire

BS 9252 sprinkler vs Automist Smartscan Hydra for an oil fire

Testing Automist Smartscan Hydra vs Glass Bulb Sprinklers in Taiwan


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