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Does the Pressure Equipment Directive apply to Automist?

A CE Mark is not required to declare the application of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for Automist.

Automist Smartscan Hydra is only pressurised during its firefighting operation. While on stand-by, its piping is dry and unpressurised. The PED only comes into play in use, during which the max operating pressure of 110 bar. The maximum hose length is 60m with a 5/16” hose (8mm ID). Given water is a non-explosive fluid, it is considered a group 2 fluid in the directive. As Automist carries water with a pressure over 10bar, we refer to table 9:


Quote from Pressure Equipment Directive PED


Similarly, at a pressure of 110 bar (max) and a DN of 8, Automist is well within the area where Article 4, paragraph 3 applies.


Diagram from the PED


Article 4, paragraph 3 states: 


PED quote


As a result, sound engineering practice is the only requirement and Automist equipment does not need to bear the CE mark for the purpose of the PED. Automist does however bear the CE mark for the other directives that apply.

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