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Does Automist's electronic nozzle meet BS 8663-1?

BS 8663-1:2019 is a standard designed to validate the robustness of traditional automatic or open (no moving parts) water mist nozzles. Electronic nozzles are not explicitly excluded and the failure modes being addressed are common to all nozzle types. Plumis has compiled a document that shows all the third-party testing carried out on the Automist Smartscan nozzle using the test protocols in BS 8663-1, and other international protocols when necessary.

Download - Automist Smartscan BS 8663-1:2019



Further information:

Plumis is ISO 9001 accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of water mist fire suppression systems and installer support. Quality Management System certification enables us to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and continuously improve our company's operations. The internationally recognised quality management system standard is the preferred solution for organisations worldwide.

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