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Do you accept any liability for false fire sprinkler activations?

A standard domestic fire sprinkler system will dump three bathtubs full of water into your home if activated. Not only do fires trigger mechanical sprinkler heads, but accidental activation can also occur, especially in areas with high traffic flow or boisterous behaviour. Students have been known to hang washing in sprinkler heads and break the head's vial. People moving office furniture may even hit the sprayhead to activate it. If you go with a glass bulb-activated fire sprinkler, ensure you buy a Shutgun alongside it. Most manufacturers take no responsibility or liability for "False activations" of any type.

Automist is a dry pipe non-pressurised system which will provide the fire protection you need without the risk of burst pipes. Unlike a standard fire sprinkler, it is free of water until a fire is detected. In this way, it is designed to minimise the risk of leaks and minimise consequential water damage if activated. It activates reliably only when triggered by a double knock alarm. Both the detector and the smart scanning head must confirm the presence of a dangerous fire. We then target only the location of the fire with a dense watermist fog. We have been able to drive down the likelihood of accidental water damage from our systems to such an extent that insurers consider such losses minor in actual terms and relative to traditional sprinkler systems.

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