Building plans

Use Building Passport to communicate with building control

Building Passport is a digital data store for your property which allows you to store, organise and share your building information. So instead of manually sending files to clients (Initial Notices, Final Certificates, floor plans, structural calculations etc) which can get lost in your inbox, upload files to the Building Passport for the property and send a link to Building Control so all the files are stored permanently. Never lose information, so for example you don’t need to recommission surveys in the event you lose old reports. The ownership of the Building Passport will always lie with the building owner. As such, when a building is sold, the new owner requests that the Building Passport is transferred to their ownership. The new owner will then, therefore, have access to the entire history of that asset.

If you want to learn more download a flyer, and then sign up using this link and receive a 10% discount (starting from £18 + VAT). The payment is taken through Stripe. Once you have created a Draft Building Passport, you can add it to your basket and you will be able to click 'Checkout' to be taken through the payment page.

Building Control using Building Passport includes Assent Building Control, jhai, Ball & Berry, and Building Consents.