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Plumis has been honoured on a global stage after scooping a silver accolade at the New York Product Design Awards for its intelligent fire suppression system, Automist, which it is preparing to launch in the US during 2024 – coinciding with the grant of its International Approval for NFPA 13D.

Automist is the only system of its kind that can directly target the source of a fire and is shown to activate faster, using significantly less water than any other automatic fire suppression system for the home. It can connect directly to the standard water main and minimises the chances of water and fire damage to a property.

As a contemporary fire sprinkler, it is designed to blend-in seamlessly with any home decor, while it’s simple installation means it can be fitted without the need for a tank.

Electronically activated using cutting edge technology, the system’s infrared sensor uses a smart algorithm to detect fire, once the alarm has been raised, a pump drives mains water through the unique wall-mounted nozzle, targeting the fire with a dense fog of water mist. Automist’s technology features a black box which records data from an incident, giving residents a clearer picture of what happened.

William Makant, Co-founder and CEO at Plumis, said: “We are extremely proud to be recognised in the New York Product Design Awards. It is our mission to continually innovate and improve technology so that we can reduce the number of fire-related deaths and injuries and help people protect their properties.

“Automist is simple and quick to install in many situations that are challenging for traditional systems, like low water pressure or flow, freezing or seismic risk, heritage properties, vaulted ceilings, retrofit, smaller dwellings such as cabins and ADUs, and modular construction.”

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