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Automist has been revealed as one of the finalists in the 2024 Edison Awards, alongside some of the most innovative businesses and products from across the globe.

The award, which was established in 1987 and inspired by iconic inventor Thomas A. Edison, recognises excellence in new product and service development across numerous industries.

To be considered for the award, organisations are required to demonstrate how the product or service has made a difference. The winner of the award is judged by a set of criteria: opportunity, conception, method and development.

Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, Automist leverages advanced engineering and innovative design to provide a more efficient, targeted, and aesthetically pleasing approach to fire suppression.

Commenting on the shortlisting for the Edison Awards, Yusuf Muhammad, Plumis chief design officer, said: “To be named as a finalist in the Edison Awards is a fantastic achievement. We created Automist with the aim of developing a smart, innovative and advanced alternative to traditional fire sprinklers, which have maintained more or less the same design since they were first created back in the 19th Century.

“The system was developed to use technology to detect fires and target them at the source, allowing for minimal water damage, lessening the opportunity for fire related damages and deaths.”

As well as offering innovative technology, Automist features a sleek and discreet design, seamlessly fitting the system into any style of home. Installation of the system is quick and easy and has minimal impact on the home, due to the system being able to connect to any existing water supply.

Another advantage to the system is that Automist uses a lot less water than a traditional sprinkler, meaning that any risk to the property is greatly reduced.

All of the winners will be announced at the 2024 Edison Awards Gala in Fort Myers, Florida on April 18, 2024.

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