Cost effective fire suppression for rooftop and airspace developments

Why developers are choosing Automist 


Urban housing shortages may be solved by "Airspace Development" - building additional apartments on top of existing ones.

Automist can be a useful fire-engineered solution for meeting the fire safety requirements of buildings over 11m. Often the new section requires automatic water fire suppression protection, and existing flats may require a retrofit.

We work with third-party fire engineers to tailor a proposal specific to your project.

How Automist Works


smartscan hydra

A contemporary alternative to traditional sprinklers for airspace and rooftop developments

smartscan hydra

Many developers opt for Automist over traditional sprinkler systems as it does not require a tank. Retrofit is easy due to the use of flexible high-pressure hoses which don’t go through the ceiling, allowing it to be installed on a standard domestic water main.

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Automist Smartscan is quick and easy to install due to the use of flexible high-pressure hoses which don’t go through the ceiling, allowing it to be simply installed on a standard domestic water main. Plus, Automist Smartscan uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems

Using ten times less water than a traditional sprinkler, Automist connects to the normal water supply, eliminating the need for a tank, pump room and riser shafts commonly required for traditional sprinklers

Drawing just 5.6 litres per minute and 1 bar of pressure when in use, Automist consumes less water than a power shower, removing uncertainty around water supply on site

Automist meets the performance requirements of BS 8458 2015, as validated by the BSI Verification Certificate, VC 712581

Each pump can connect to up to six wall mounted sprayheads with flexible hosing for easy installation

Differentiate your offering and stand out from your competitors with the latest technology in your properties. Fire engineering research shows Automist can operate 2 to 14 times quicker than a concealed sprinkler.

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smartscan hydra


Learn more about how this innovative sprinkler alternative uses fine watermist to suppress fires.


Guidance on how to interpret the data from the fire testing and use Automist to meet fire regulations.


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